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Launching Where Our Heart Is: Goldi’s Debut in Los Angeles

Hey there, Angelenos!

We’re Narda and Andrea, the brains behind Goldi, your new go-to food ordering app tailored for the adventurous and mindful eaters among us. We're buzzing with excitement to introduce Goldi to our home turf, Los Angeles, the place where this idea was born.

Our journey to this launch has been an exciting ride, with a standout moment being our first restaurant meeting with the dynamic Chef and restaurateur, Susan Feniger. Susan’s magnetic energy, remarkable success, and unyielding support for female entrepreneurs like us, fueled our ambition. Her creativity and business acumen are the kind of force that drives the LA food scene, and it propelled us to pour every ounce of our passion into Goldi.

LA isn’t merely our business address; it’s where a supportive community embraced our vision, fueling our drive to move forward. The local restaurants were swift to collaborate, resonating with our mission to cater to a wide array of dietary preferences for the common good.

Our LA launch is a toast to the city that believed in us. It’s where the first orders will roll in, and the first cheers to a more inclusive food culture will echo. We are thrilled to bits and can’t wait for our fellow Angelenos to give Goldi a whirl.

This adventure, sparked by LA’s enthusiasm, is just revving up. We’re inviting you to hop on board, discover the flavors, and join us in this fresh, delightful chapter.

Here’s to making a health-centric lifestyle more accessible, reigniting the joy of community and participation one meal at a time!

With gratitude,

Andrea & Narda

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