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Meet the Founders of Goldi: The App Making Dietary Preferences a Piece of Cake!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Hey foodies, health nuts, and everyone in between! We've got some piping hot news coming out of the oven-let us introduce you to Goldi, the food ordering app that is revolutionizing the way that restaurants can serve you.

Drum Roll, Please: Meet Andrea, Narda, and Ashish!

If you're thinking Andrea, Narda, and Ashish sound like the lead characters of the coolest foodie-tech crossover film ever—well, you're not far off! This trio has concocted the perfect blend of tech-savvy genius, hospitality charm, and sheer willpower to bring Goldi into our lives.

Andrea is a high-tech virtuoso who's as comfortable navigating a startup as she is a complex algorithm. With her experience in the tech sector, Andrea knows just what it takes to launch a product that's as functional as it is revolutionary.

Now, let's dish about Narda! With a background in hospitality, she's the person you want curating your dining experience. Whether it's fine dining or fast food, Narda knows the A-to-Z of the food industry and how to make it tick in favor of those with dietary preferences.

Last but never least is Ashish, the tech magician who can code his way through any challenge. When it comes to turning seemingly impossible tech hurdles into a walk in the park, Ashish is your guy. Seriously, he makes tech wizardry look like a piece of gluten-free cake!

Together, this talented trio is spicing things up in the food app world, making Goldi a flavorful, one-of-a-kind platform that caters to literally everyone. So, get ready to swipe right on your new foodie love affair!

How Did They Cook Up the Idea for Goldi?

Have you ever tried finding a keto, vegan pizza and organic toppings on a typical Friday night? Not as easy as pie, is it? Narda, who herself follows a Paleo diet, and Andrea, who's been a vegetarian & gluten-free since her college days, knew the struggle all too well. Hence, the birth of Goldi—an app where dietary preferences aren't just accommodated, they're celebrated! 🎉

What Makes Goldi So Special?

Are you vegan? Pescatarian? Hate Cilantro? No worries! Goldi is like your culinary fairy godmother. Simply input your dietary preferences and let Goldi do the magic. The app not only filters restaurants and dishes according to your dietary needs, but it also recommends new eateries and exclusive dishes tailored just for you. Imagine an endless menu of dishes you can actually eat! 🍔🥗🍣🍰

The Journey from Preschool to Programming

The initial spark for Goldi didn't ignite in a boardroom, a hackathon, or even a restaurant; it happened in the most relatable of places—a preschool. Yes, you read that right! Andrea and Narda first crossed paths when their little ones were mastering their ABCs and 123s. As they chatted during school pickups and playdates, they realized they were both wrestling with the same issue: the difficulty of feeding their families the way they truly wanted to, given their unique dietary needs and preferences.

Both found it frustratingly complicated to navigate through menus, scrutinize food labels, and vet restaurants to find meals that matched their families' health and dietary goals. Andrea's tech sensibility merged seamlessly with Narda's hospitality know-how, making them realize that their combined expertise could create something extraordinary.

After many a brainstorming session over coffee (organic and fair trade, of course), the concept of Goldi was born. When they brought Ashish into the fold, his tech wizardry transformed their ideas from a hopeful scribble on a napkin to a fully functional, dream-come-true app. And just like that, Goldi went from a spark of an idea born in the world of toddler tantrums and juice boxes to an ingenious platform changing the way we all think about food.

A Sprinkle of Pro-Business Sensibility and a Side of Eco-Consciousness

What truly distinguishes Goldi from other food apps is its enthusiastic commitment to helping businesses flourish. Andrea, Narda, and Ashish are on a mission to ensure that restaurants don't just survive, they thrive! Through Goldi, eateries have a unique platform to showcase their diverse menu offerings, catering to an ever-growing clientele with specific dietary needs. It's a win-win, driving more business to restaurants while giving consumers more choices that align with their lifestyles.

And let's not forget about the eco-friendly cherry on top! While Goldi is all about being pro-business, it's hard to ignore the happy coincidence that many of the dietary preferences featured on the app are also kinder to our planet. Lowering one's carbon footprint never tasted so good! So yes, every time you order a plant-based meal or opt for a locally-sourced dish through Goldi, you're not just satisfying your taste buds—you're also making a small but meaningful impact on Mother Earth.

What's Cooking Next: From West LA to All-Around LA and Beyond!

If you think Goldi's West LA launch is exciting, just wait till you hear what the team at Goldi have in store next. This sizzling Westside debut is just the appetizer—the main course will see Goldi expanding east, south, and north until the entire City of Angels is covered. Imagine a Los Angeles where anyone, regardless of their dietary preferences, can eat freely and joyously. Well, thanks to Goldi, that dream is quickly becoming a reality.

But don't worry, they're not stopping at LA's city limits. Goldi has its sights set on a list of cities eager for a food revolution. So stay tuned because Goldi might just be coming to a metropolis near you!

Get ready, LA—and the world—for a dining experience that caters to everyone. No compromises, no worries, just good food for all.

Final Tidbits

So, the next time your tummy rumbles and you don't want to gamble on finding the perfect meal that suits your dietary needs, you know where to go. Goldi has got your back (and your belly). Bon appétit, food lovers!

Stay tuned for more updates from Narda & Andrea, and the whole Goldi team. And if you haven't downloaded the app yet, what are you waiting for? Your perfect meal is just a tap away!

Happy Eating! 🍴🌟

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